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Scepter Canada Inc.

Ammunition Packaging

Scepter Ammunition Packaging

The ammunition packaging systems are corrosion-proof, lightweight and virtually indestructible. Scepter develops and produces these containers and other components in the systems in a fully integrated operation in full cooperation with both or either ammunition manufacturers and end-users. We manage and execute the initial product concept through engineering design, tool and die-making to quality manufacturing, testing and delivery.

"Scepter produces some of the most advanced and comprehensive military ammunition packaging systems in the world today."

For logistics transportation, handling and storage objectives, Scepter's ammunition packaging system is the optimal solution.

Every Scepter ammunition container is designed to stack in efficient palletized unit loads for mechanized storage and transportation, yet be easily dismounted and man portable. There is minimal debris generated by unpacking an individual container or dismounting a palletized unit load.

The containers have easy-to-open twist-lock caps. No special tools are required for opening. The ammunition is easy to remove from the containers.  Unused rounds or cartridges are easily repacked, even in the field.

Scepter Canada Inc.

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