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MFC Adapter, Suction Feed, Auto Air Vent w/o QD Nipple Assembly

Part Number 04938

Part #04938

The Scepter Military Fuel Canister (MFC) Suction Feed Adapter was developed by Scepter to fit on both the 20L/5G and 10L/2.5G MFC. This adapter is used to connect the MFC to a generator, field cooking system, water filtration system, or similar.

Notable Features:

  • Equipped with viton gasket
  • Comes with a hose for drawing fuel from the MFC. The hose connects to the inside of the cap assembly
  • Equipped with auto air vent that opens and seals automatically
  • Can be used for both gasoline and diesel fuel
  • Packaged in a nylon bag

Operating Instructions:

  1. Insert tube into fitting of underside of Adapter Assembly 
  2. Unscrew cap from Scepter MFC
  3. Screw Adapter Assembly onto Scepter MFC
  4. Connect fuel line using nipple to green supply hose coupling
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